French Way
Camino de Santiago

The French Way of Santiago de Compostela

Hércules de Ediciones has released into the market its application on the French Way to Santiago: “French Way”. The publishing company starts from this way to work in the world of apps focussing on a subject very known for us, since 14 volumes of the series La Gran Obra de los Caminos de Santiago / The Big Work of the Ways to Santiago have been published to date, the most comprehensive study on this subject existing so far. Besides, Hércules has published the series Esencias de los Caminos de Santiago / Essences of the Ways to Santiago and has made several documentaries in DVD format on the Primitive Way, through Asturias and Galicia, the Northern Way and the Portuguese Way to Santiago. This project has been carried out with the participation of Alquimia, libros digitales, a company specialized in the development of interactive products for iPad and iPhone. The application is addressed to all the pilgrims who decide to go on pilgrimage to Santiago, as well as those people interested in the art and the history around the Way. Besides offering information on the most important spots along the route, both in Spanish and in English languages, the application allows to enjoy superb views of the main monuments, through the presentation of beautiful photographs and also interactivity with them. You can also enjoy videos showing places along the route and in the city of Santiago and see the flight of the famous botafumeiro. Likewise, some links to web pages complete the information given in the application and broaden the knowledge provided, as they update the information on the cities the Way goes through. Hércules de Ediciones plans to offer versions of the app for other platforms in the near future (iPhone, support for Android devices), as well as continuing with the development of similar apps for the other routes to Santiago (Silver Way, Portuguese Way, Northern Way, Primitive Way and so on).

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